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First Families of Clermont County

The prime objectives of The First Families of Clermont County, is to identify and honor the memory of the earliest pioneers of the county, and to show the proved pioneer's lasting mark on the county they helped develop, by honoring them and their descendants.

The research and work necessary to discovering the pioneers and their descendants is intended to foster and encourage increasing interest in the people who contributed in any way - great or small - to establishing the county, and in its customs, culture, genealogy and history.  There is an index available of all First Families applications that have been proved that is text searchable.


Only members of the Clermont County Genealogical Society (CCGS) may apply for membership in The First Families of Clermont County. Applicants for The First Families must complete an application form, showing their Clermont County Pioneer Ancestor(s), listing their descent from the Pioneer Ancestor(s), and proving their descent and the Pioneer Ancestor(s) settlement in the area now known as Clermont County by 1820.

The First Families of Clermont County application must be accompanied by copies of ALL documents necessary to:
  1. Prove the pioneer(s) settlement in the county by 1820; and
  2. Prove each step of descent from the pioneer(s) to the applying member.
Proof may NOT be omitted for any step. These document copies must be either: (1) copy machine, photo, or other fascimiles of the original document; or (2) EXACT typed, or hand-printed copies of the original document, certified as "TRUE COPIES" by a court-house official, genealogical librarian, or other official. All proof documents must show their source.

Original applications for membership in The First Families of Clermont County must be accompanied by a $30.00 application fee, which covers as many Pioneer Ancestors who settled in Clermont County by 1820, as the applicant can prove, either at that time, or later.
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