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Lineage Societies

We offer four lineage societies: First Families, Settlers and Builders, Century Families and Civil War Families. Honor your ancestors by proving your descent through the generations from their time to yours, submit your research application to one of our societies, and we’ll honor you at our annual Heritage Day luncheon with a certificate, a pretty pin, and well deserved applause.  Submitting your research for review is a great way to have your work reviewed and ensure there are no gaps in your research.

  • FIRST FAMILIES celebrates our first pioneers from the beginning of Clermont settlement until 31 Dec. 1820.
  • SETTLERS & BUILDERS boasts the people who arrived in Clermont between 1 January 1821 and 31 Dec. 1860.
  • CENTURY FAMILIES is the most fluid of the three groups, as it includes everyone who first appeared in Clermont from 1 Jan. 1861 until 100 years from our current year.
  • CIVIL WAR FAMILIES recognizes any person with Clermont County ties who served in the Civil War.

Proving descent can be done with many types of documents both personal (letters, mementos, Bibles, etc.) and official/public (deeds, wills, censuses, newspapers, etc.). A friendly group, we are always ready and willing to help with questions and problems you may have as you tackle this project. Sometimes you’ll have most everything you need but you just can’t prove Great-Grandma’s residency, or a g-g-grandfather is hiding somewhere in the census records though you know he lived here. Maybe we can locate a document for you, or just provide a new perspective about your search.

You can do it. So start now, challenge yourself, verify your research, and enjoy knowing that you have complete family lines and bragging rights.

Application Process

You must be a current member of the CCGS to apply. You can send in your membership dues at the same time you apply for a lineage society.

The first three societies use the same application form. The application for Civil War Families is somewhat different because of the additional information needed. Please apply by August 15th to be included in the September Heritage Day. Applications are welcome throughout the year. A $30 non-refundable application fee is required. Supplemental applications can be submitted at no cost.

All forms below open up in PDF format. You can type directly on the forms in the fields provided and save a copy of the PDF to your computer.  When you are ready to submit your application simply print the forms off and mail to CCGS.

CCGS Lineage Application for First Families, Settlers and Builders and Century Families

CCGS Lineage Application for Civil War Families

CCGS Lineage Rules and Application Process

CCGS Lineage Documentation Form

CCGS Lineage Generation Chart 

CCGS Lineage Generation Chart Page 2

Fill In Pedigree Chart

Questions?  Email our lineage society coordinator.