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Smyrna Cemetery
(Franklin Twp.)
Smyrna Road
Felicity, OH 45120 USA
Directions:  Take St. Rt. 32 from Batavia towards Mt. Orab.  Exit the St. Rt. 133 exit, turn right.  Upon entering St. Rt. 276/133 intersection-  turn left and enter the Village of Williamsburg.  Continue on St. Rt. 133 out of town and turn right to continue on St. Rt. 133 at the “Y”.  Enjoy the country drive.  Pass through Bethel.  Enter the Village of Felicity – stay right entering the town limits.  Turn left on Walnut Street.  This will run directly into Felicity – Higginsport Road.  Continue on Felicity-Higginsport Road and you will come upon Smyrna Road (turn left).  Cemetery is located down the “no outlet” road on the right.  Park on the road at the widening allotted for cemetery parking.  Easy access.
Pictures and additional inscriptions taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member, in July, 2007.  This cemetery is in pretty bad shape.  A lot of the stones are buried very deep.  I was reluctant to dig too much as I was a little skeptical in regard to the Indian “Sweet Lips” being buried at this site and the supposedly weird happenings stated by Richard Crawford, a Clermont Historian.  I did not want to disturb any sacred Indian burial ground. (see below).  A lot of broken stones.  I plan on making another trip in the dark to witness this “haunting.”
Felicity's Smyrna Cemetery is haunted by an old Shawnee sorceress, “Sweet Lips”, who was killed by her tribe for betraying them. There are stories of what appears to be an Indian woman roaming around the Smyrna Cemetery searching for her people. She is reported to be seen on foggy moonlit nights bent over in grief hoping to make amends with her people who left her behind more than 200 years ago. A bright gravestone can be viewed (glowing) in the darkest nights where it is believed Sweet Lips is buried.
Smyrna Cemetery Photo