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Smith Cemetery
(Jackson Twp.)
Rear 4970 St. Rt. 133
Williamsburg, OH 45176 USA
Directions:  Take Rt. 50 from Owensville east towards Monterey.  After passing through Monterey make a right on St. Rt. 133 towards Williamsburg.  You will come to an intersection of Aber Road, Blue Sky Parkway and St. Rt. 133.  Stay to the right on St. Rt. 133.  Start looking for 4970 on left side.  The cemetery is located in rear to left of this property location about 200 feet off of St. Rt. 133.   Please ask for permission.  Easy access.  It is exactly 8/10th of a mile north from Greenberry Church - which is now a Lodge.  No rough terrain.
Pictures taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member, in September 2008.  I was excited to be able to visit this cemetery thanks to Phyllis Kellum for giving me great directions as to where I could locate it.  Both stones in good shape.  The owner thought at one time a child’s stone was there.  I could not find it.
Smith Cemetery Photo