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Eli Davis Family Cemetery
(Union Twp.)
Barnsby Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45244 USA
Directions:  Take St. Rt 32 from Batavia towards Newtown.  Before descending down “32 Hill” in Mt. Carmel turn right on Mt. Carmel Road.  At the first stop sign turn right on Beechwood Road.  Continue on Beechwood Road until you come upon Polo Fields Subdivision.  You will turn right on Dorgene.  Second street on left will be Barnsby – turn here.  Between 5032 and 5037 Barnsby Lane there is a black wrought iron fenced area in which this small cemetery is located.  To the left of this cemetery is a maintenance drive that you may park in.  I parked on the road.  Easy access. 
Pictures taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member in the Spring of 2008.  Phyllis Lowe, who lives in the area, provided me with the location of this cemetery.  I dug up two stones that were buried about 6-8 inches in the ground.  It looks like they are the original cemetery stones and someone had a beautiful monument erected of all that are buried in this cemetery.  I probed for about an hour before I left to make sure I did not miss any.  A neighbor visited and stated he spot trimmed the cemetery several times a year and asked that I leave the stones face up for all to see and read the inscriptions.  (I usually place them back – face down to protect from acid rain).  It was just strange to see this cemetery in the middle of these homes, but grateful that the Polo Fields community chose to preserve its location.
Eli Davis Family Cemetery Photo