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Early Settlers' Burying Ground
(Tate Twp.)
321 N. Main Street
Bethel, OH 45106 USA
Directions:  Take St. Rt 125 out of Amelia towards Bethel, Ohio.  As you enter Bethel get ready to make a left turn onto Main Street which is St. Rt. 133.  Cemetery is on the left past a church.  Park in church parking lot and walk about 50 ft to cemetery.  Easy access.
Pictures and all inscriptions by Pamela Smith, CCGS member, May 2007.    Only 1/3 of the inscriptions had been previously recorded.    Many stones had to be rubbed and studied, as most were unreadable.   A lot of the stones have been broken and reset with most of the inscriptions hidden in cement – a big disappointment to future researchers.  The cemetery is very well kept except for the resetting procedure used on the old stones - which probably could not be helped.  A lot of children buried here. I did not dig or probe – the ground was like concrete and the probes just bent. (a future project).  I retyped all inscriptions as there were so many discrepancies from previous records.  I did the best I could, so please excuse any errors.
Early Settlers' Burying Ground Photo