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Deller-Clutterback Farm Cemetery
(Batavia Twp.)
Clough Pike
Batavia, OH 45103 USA
Directions:  Take St. Rt 32 from Eastgate towards Batavia.  Turn right on St. Rt. 74. Turn right on Amelia Olive Branch Road.  Turn right on Clough.  Your decision:  enter from Amelia High School or drive past high school entrance and look for Midland Corp on left.  I parked (with permission) @ Midland Corp and started the two hour journey.  I believe (with permission) Amelia High School is a less complicated journey and will take less time.  If you enter through Midland Corp.  Just start walking towards Amelia High School through fields and heavy brush.
You will want to find Shayler Creek.  A bridge is on Clough Pike to help you locate the exact location.  Follow the creek until it branches into two separate creeks.  If you have come from Clough Pike you will want to get down into the left hand creek and walk the waters the best you can.  Look to your right up towards the hill.  You will want to climb the hill after walking about 100 feet.  You will know you are at the cemetery.  It is on top of the hill and there is ground cover all over the hill.  There are ATV paths all through this woods as it backs up to some kind of County service building and they are entering the woods to do some kind of maintenance.  This will help a lot.  If you can enter through Amelia High School, there are paths to walk on --some of the way – which will also help.  If you can use a GPS – you are very lucky.
Pictures taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member and Vera Quehl, volunteer in October 2007.  The stones have all been placed together in one spot.  They are all broken and the misplaced inscribed parts are missing.  We were able to match the stones from dates and ages.  I don’t know if it has been vandalized or someone moved the broken parts out of the burial location and did not probe for additional parts of the stones.  We probed and dug, but did not have any luck.
Deller-Clutterback Farm Cemetery Photo