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Collard Cemetery
(Ohio Twp.)
St. Rt. 52
New Richmond, OH 45157 USA
Directions:  Take St. Rt. 52 out of New Richmond towards the east.  As you begin to drive east on St. Rt. 52 and have been exiting out of New Richmond for a few moments look for the Frank Willis Memorial Road on left.  You will pass this road. Start looking for the gravel pull-off on the left side.  This is where you will want to park.  This and the cemetery are about 800 ft. from Frank Willis Memorial Road.  You will have to walk across Route 52.  Plan to go during a non-rush hour time, you will have no problem.
Additional inscriptions taken by Pamela Smith, August 2008.  This cemetery really surprised me as I did not know it was this old.  Most of the stones are gone but I was able to find a few.  Misleading -- looking at it from the road.  You need to walk way back to the edge of the woods and also constantly look to your feet on the way -- some are laying flat throughout the lot.  If you go during warm weather the mosquitoes are unbearable.
Collard Cemetery Photo