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Cedron or Concord Cemetery
(Franklin Twp.)
Rear 373 Felicity-Cedron Road
Felicity, OH 45120 USA
Directions:Take St. Rt. 52 out of New Richmond towards Utopia.  Turn left on 133 in the town of Rural.  When you start out of the little town start looking to the right for Felicity Cedron Road.  Turn right.  This is a narrow road – so drive slowly.  Look for the address 373 Felicity Cedron Road.  The cemetery is located up the hill behind this residence.  You should probably ask for permission.   The journey is not very far-- just to the left of the back yard up the hill – (very steep hill) then it curves to the right and gets steeper.  The cemetery is on top of the hill. It is not that far from house.
Pictures and inscriptions taken by Elizabeth Moran, CCGS President and Pamela Smith, CCGS member in May of 2009.  We definitely went on a journey this day but with the help of the community, especially Jane Disher, were finally directed to this residence. The cemetery was overgrown when we arrived, but the township arrived unexpectedly and trimmed everything for us. I am glad we were able to photograph this cemetery as some of the stones are deteriorating quickly.  On the edge of the cemetery is the largest pine (fir) tree I have seen in this area.
Cedron or Concord Cemetery