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Bullskin Creek Cemetery
(Franklin Twp.)
St Rt 52 near St Rt 133
Georgetown, OH 45121 USA
Directions:  Take St. Rt. 52 out of New Richmond east towards Chilo.  You
will pass through Chilo.  Continue on St. Rt. 52 until you come to St. Rt. 133. 
Drive past St. Rt. 133 and turn around and come back towards St. Rt. 133
so you are facing west.  Park right by the Bullskin Creek bridge.  There is a
gravel pulloff.  The cemetery is between Bullskin creek and the field west of
the bridge.  There is a small wooded area about 10-15 ft. from the road.  Walk
up hill anywhere along the road and head east – you cannot miss it.  Stay a
10-15 ft. length from the road up on the ridge and you will run right into it.  You
have to be able to walk on rough terrain to see this cemetery.  No way is a safe way to enter.
Bullskin Creek Cemetery Photo