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Evergreen Cemetery
(Miami Twp.)
234 Center Street
Miamiville, OH 45147 USA
The first document found regarding the cemetery is a deed dated 4 March 1867, recording the purchase of 10 acres by the Miamiville Cemetery Association, from A.N. and Mary A. Robinson. One hundred thirty six (136) headstones dated prior to March 1867 commemorate that this property had already been used as a cemetery prior to the purchase by the Miamiville Cemetery Association. A copy of this deed is attached. The first recorded internment records of the cemetery start in 1899.  The cemetery has been managed by several caretakers over the years. In the past some records have been stored off site resulting in the loss of some of those records. In addition, some of the earlier records have become faded and are unreadable.
In some cases, the headstones are the only evidence that some people have been interred at this cemetery. People have been interred without headstones, they are only known to God.
Many thanks to my husband, Barrington Martz, for his assistance in digging and exposing stones, so the data could be recorded. 
Thanks to Frank Butler who made, and gave me copies of the internment books, and cemetery spreadsheet. I appreciate Melissa Thompson, who gave me internment records for the last 4 years. These were aids in reviewing for the completeness of records.
I am grateful to Trent Martz, my son, for his computer assistance.
Anne Martz                                                                                                                                                    
Evergreen Cemetery Photo