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Bredwell Cemetery
(Tate Twp.)
3311 Pitzer
Bethel, OH 45106 USA
Behind 2339 and 2343 Donald Road but located on 3311 Pitzer back corner,
N38◦  56.138      W084◦  04.660
Take St. Rt. 133 out of Bethel towards Felicity.  Turn left onto Pitzer Road then turn right onto Donald Road.  Look for 2343 and 2339 Donald Road.  I stopped at one of these houses and they showed me where it was located.  At that time I did not know it was on the 3311 Pitzer property so I did not get the correct permission.  It was easy terrain though the sticker bushes were terrible.  So wear sticker bush clothing.  Probably any house in this area would be able to show you the location.  I would like to thank Benjamin and Ethel Manning, 2193 Donald Road, who directed me to the correct area.
Bredwell Cemetery Photo