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Ten Mile-Old Pierce Township Cemetery
(Pierce Twp.)
Off Bristol Road
New Richmond, OH 45157 USA
Take St. Rt. 52 from Cincinnati towards New Richmond.  Turn left on St. Rt. 749.  Pass Wagner Road.  Turn right on Bristol Road.  Continue over bridge.  Make an immediate right.  Keep driving on one lane road until you reach a creek.  Drive over creek -- so if it has just rained, you may not be able to drive up to the cemetery gate.  Cemetery straight ahead.  It is well mowed and trimmed. Hilly.  Moderate accessibility.  Wear good hill climbing shoes.  Easy parking.
Pictures and inscriptions taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member, in June, 2007.  There is one fenced area (small).  There is a stone inside the fence, of course, the fence and area are poison ivy covered.  I could not access this area.  I think they wished to be left alone.  Many of the stones had not been read for many, many years as most of them had to be cleaned with a brush, enabling me to see some kind of an inscription.  The stones are getting very worn and unreadable.  I liked how they nicely placed all the misplaced stones together at the entrance.  So much better than stacking against a tree.
Ten Mile-Old Pierce Township Cemetery Photo