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William Jones Cemetery
(Union Twp.)
Barg Salt Run Road
Cincinnati, OH 45244 USA
Old Fred Barg farm, old Nicholas J. Chaney (1956) farm
Directions:  Take St. Rt. 50 from Milford to Perintown.  Turn right on Roundbottom Road.  Pass Tealtown Road then get ready to turn left on Barg Salt Run Road.  Owners would welcome descendants to visit.  Presently owned by the Taylors.  Please obtain permission.
Pamela Smith, CCGS member visited with the Taylors in September 2010.  They were so very kind to take the time with me and helped clear the leaves and debris - which was so appreciated.  The cemetery is in good shape and they are keeping the land cleared and well taken care of – for which we are all thankful.  I found all the stones that were previously recorded which is sometimes rare.  A wonderful fall day.  Please do not enter the land without permission.  I found various dates of inscriptions throughout my investigations, but now we can see the actual stones for verification.
William Jones Cemetery Photo