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Wells Cemetery
(Tate Twp.)
Swope Road
Bethel, OH 45106 USA
Directions:   Take St. Rt. 133 south out of Bethel towards Felicity.   After Hoover Road get ready to turn left onto Swope Road.  The cemetery is located after 1751 Swope Road on the left.  In 2009 there were two large white fences outlining the entrance to the driveway. The cemetery has been deeded to the Tate Township Board of Trustees, along with the driveway for right of way ---so I proceeded back the driveway until I no longer felt comfortable for safety reasons and entering another’s property (there were some campers parked on the owner occupied lot).  The cemetery is straight back to the left a little from the driveway.  Good terrain.
Pictures and additional inscriptions recorded by Pamela Smith, CCGS member in Summer of 2009.  The cemetery was very dark so photographing that afternoon was complicated.  I found some new stones and do believe there may be some undiscovered stones laying underneath the ground, as the existing stones are not in an organized order.  I probed and found a few.  The neighbors were very nice to me as I knocked on many doors trying to locate this cemetery.
Wells Cemetery Photo