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Thomas South Cemetery
(Stonelick Twp.)
2566 Autumn Ridge
Batavia, OH 45103 USA
Directions:  Take St. Rt. 50 from Milford towards Owensville.  In the middle of Owensville turn left onto Owensville Belfast Road.  Continue until you come to Graves Road.  Turn right.  Continue straight and the road changes to Winter Hill Road.  It will dead end and then to the left is Autumn Ridge.  One Cemetery stone is located behind 2566 Autumn Ridge Road right into the woods in the back yard.   Please obtain permission to enter.
Gary Griswold, volunteer and Pamela Smith, CCGS member took photographs and recorded additional inscriptions in October, 2009. This was a memorable stone to photograph as it sits all by itself in a resident’s back yard.  The owners are taking very good care of this one monument cemetery.  As Gary and I started knocking on doors we collected a handful of neighbors who guided us to the cemetery.  Thanks to everyone that helped us.
Thomas South Cemetery Photo