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Shiloh Cemetery
(Goshen Twp.)
Close to 2565 McHenry Road
Goshen, OH 45122 USA
Directions:  take St. Rt. 28 out of Milford towards Goshen.   Pass through Goshen-stay on St. Rt. 28.  After passing Cozaddale and St. Rt. 132 Roads to Pleasant Plain start looking for Shiloh Road on right.  Turn right on Shiloh Road.  Turn left on McHenry Road.  Look for 2565 McHenry Road.  This is a residential address but the driveway to this cemetery connects to their driveway.  Proceed onto driveway.  You will cross a bridge.  Stay toward your left.  I parked right at the lane to the cemetery because the terrain was a little wet.  I imagine vehicles proceed further up to the cemetery on this hill.  You will need to climb a small hill and the terrain is pretty good. 
Pictures and additional inscriptions were taken by Pamela Smith, member and Debra J. Thomason, volunteer in October of 2008.  I believe it was one of the most beautiful cemetery days we had.  A lot of the stones were missing and we spent most of the day probing and digging – with not much luck.  We are not sure if it was vandalized and the stones were thrown in the creek to wash away or they have just disappeared over time.
Shiloh Cemetery Photo