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Salem Church Cemetery
(Franklin Twp.)
1453 Big Indian Creek Road
Moscow, OH 45153 USA
Directions: Take St. Rt. 52 out of New Richmond towards Moscow.  Turn left on St. Rt. 743 right after Moscow village.  Take St. Rt. 743 to Point Isabel.  You will want to take a right on St. Rt. 222. Continue on St. Rt. 222.  You will pass Kinnett Road.  The next road will be Big Indian Creek.  Turn right onto this road.  Go to 1453 Big Indian Creek property. You will pass a horse pasture.  Mr. Lindenfeld  owned the property in 2011 and was very kind and took me to the cemetery.  Please do not enter without his guidance.  This is a very long hike along Bullskin Creek.
Photographs and inscriptions taken by Pamela Smith summer of 2011.  This was a very old cemetery that once had a church.  The church was more towards Bullskin Creek and you can still see the rock foundation.  The cemetery is up the hill a little and some of the graves stones were located within a small rod iron fenced area.  The others were at the bottom on the hill.  There must have been many more at one time.  I am always thankful that our Clermont property owners take me to these cemeteries, as I would have never been able to find this one on my own.
I found all the stones previously seen.  I also have made a lot of corrections to previous published inscriptions.
Salem Church Cemetery Photo