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Behymer (John Bhymer) Private Cemetery
(Pierce Twp.)
1054 Ten Mile Road (St. Rt. 749)
New Richmond, OH 45157 USA
1054 Ten Mile Road (St. Rt. 749)
N39˚  00.692    W084˚  15.910   669ft within 32 ft.
186 steps up the hill (stay to right of creek) then 52 steps to the right (5’5” women’s steps)
Take St. Rt. 52 from Cincinnati towards New Richmond.  Turn left on St. Rt. 749 (Ten Mile Road) 
The cemetery property location is 1054 Ten Mile Road. Across from bridge leading to Ten Mile Cemetery. The cemetery is on private property owned by Bruce Glenn. It is a hundred yards or so up the hill behind Mr. Glenn’s house.
Behymer (John Bhymer) Cemetery Photo