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An Intro to CCGS from Clermont Sun

Thank you to CCGS President, Debra Geesner, for submitting an article to the Clermont Sun about ways to keep busy during this time of staying at home. In addition to its publication in the Clermont Sun’s April 8, 2020 edition, you can also find it on our Resources page here. For a list of interview questions mentioned in this article, go here.

The CCGS Library

Thanks to Amy & Chris and the staff of the CCPL
Doris Wood Branch for their interest, support and help.
And, for helping members and non-members with thier
research. And for the new signage and our Indian Trails
map on the wall.
And to our CCGS Librarian, Marcia Jelus, our past
Librarian Kathy Payne and other volunteers for making
a so, so much more organized space. For cataloging,
repairing, getting donations in the system and on the
shelves and more....
What a great job !!!
View as you enter the CCGS Genealogy section of the CCPL's Doris Wood Branch Library.
Walking In
View of microfilm racks, microfilm reader, computer and printer
Microfilm, Microfilm reader, computer, etc.

View of tables, Obits files and part of book shelves
Books, books amd more books

Store page is under reconstruction

The Society needs your participation !!!
The position of Vice-President is open. This is your opportunity to be a BIG SHOT in the Clermont County Genealogical Society, to rule over your fellow members and to swim in the adulation of the citizens of Clermont County.
Contact Debra Geesner at: for details.

Check out the "LINKS PAGE" !!!
Links have been fixed and number of new links added.

Have you looked at the "CEMETERIES" page lately??
Paige Craig has worked hard at getting the cemetery listings fleshed out. Her nephew Aaron, has done wonders with the photos.
There are now 138 cemeteries listed with locations and maps, if available.

CCGS Book Closeout!
Clermont County, Ohio Marriages, 1850-1874 & Clermont County, Ohio, 1990
These 2 hard cover books are a must-have for your collection. Both have been reduced to $5 + shipping. To order (Click Here).  Also available at CCGS meetings and events while supplies last. 

More and more obituaries are added daily to the "Area Deaths" page. This can be very helpful in your research.      
 As of 14-Jul-2020 there are 14,736 entries.
Thanks to Kathy Payne, Stacie Ishmael, Lee Ann Pritchard, Steve West and Pat Dudeck. They are undaunted by this enormous task! Kathy estimates that there are over 25,000 obituaries in total. They are over half the way done!!! GREAT JOB !!!!

Kroger Community Rewards
It is time to sign up for the new year of Kroger Community Rewards!  Please show your support for CCGS by signing up today.
It costs you nothing to sign up and it does not take away any of your fuel points.
Kroger will be ending the requirerment that you re-register every year. Register or re-register this year and you will not need to register again
Kroger Community Rewards enrollment image
There is no expense to you!!

September 12
Fold3 Tutorial
Stacie Ishmael, former board member of the Clermont County Genealogical Society, will present a Fold3 tutorial.  CCGS members will be emailed an invitation and instructions one week prior to the event. If you do not receive an email or are not a CCGS Member, and would like to attend, please ...
October 3
Navigating Genealogy Resources at Clermont County Public Library
Amy Matheney, the Batavia Branch Supervisor since 2019, has worked in Adult Services at Clermont County Public Library for 15 years.  She will briefly show attendees the African American Heritage, Heritage Quest, Sanborn Fire Maps and Proquest (Cincinnati Enquirer) databases. CCGS members will be emailed an invitation and instructions one ...
November 7
U.S. Grant: A Reappraisal
Gary Knepp, a life-long resident of Clermont County, local attorney, director of Clermont County’s Underground Railroad Research Project and author of nine books about Clermont County’s history, will present this reappraisal of U.S. Grant. CCGS members will be emailed an invitation and instructions one week prior to the event. If ...