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Board & Membership Meeting Sepember 2nd

Heritage Day

Clermont County Genealogical Society
Heritage Day Luncheon
Saturday, September 09, 2017
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Society and the induction of New Members of First Families, Settlers and Builders and the new Century Families Lineage Programs
Featured Program:  Migration Patterns into Ohio
Presented by, Diane VanSkiver Gagel, M. A
Diane VanSkiver Gagel, M. A., is a retired college instructor, freelance writer, and professional genealogist. She has a M. A. in American Studies, is the author of numerous articles, and lectures widely on a variety of topics.  She has been a speaker at FGS, NGS, OGS Conferences as well as the Family History Conference at BYU.  Diane is Past President, Past Board Chair, former Trustee, and a Fellow of the Ohio Genealogical Society. She has also chaired several OGS Annual Conferences. Diane is the author of four books: Ohio Photographers, 1839-1900, 2nd edition, Windows on the Past:  Identifying, Dating, and Preserving Photographs, and Directory of Photographers in the United States 1888 1889 and Canada 1889; co-author of The Laubers: A Journey of Faith; and the NGS Guide to the States: Ohio. Diane recently self-published a Beginner's Guide to Ohio Genealogical Research.
Saturday, September 09, 2017 at the Terrace Park Country Club
5341 South Milford Road, Milford, OH
Registration 11-11:30 AM, Luncheon and Program 11:30 AM -3 PM


The short piece that follows appeared in the July 1980 CCGS Newsletter. There is no credit given to any one person.
Most letters we receive ask for information, and then always comes the "What do I owe you?" Or, "What are the charges?" As you know, we do not make any charges for any information that we can readily provide. We do ask for postage and for 15¢ a page for Xerox materials, which is the exact amount the Library machine requires for copies. And, donations are accepted and appreciated. 
But you do owe us something else, and we hope that you all pay up. You owe us a copy of your compiled work on your families! This is what we are all about -SHARING OUR GENEALOGIES (emphasis mine). Some out-of-town people offer their compilations apologetically because they think all of this material is readily available here and nobody would want to see their work. This is not true! Yeses, some of the material is available at the court house, some is "mentioned" in histories, Bible records, etc., but it is not ready at anybody's fingertips and any compilations are a big help to us in helping others and a big help to future generations hunting this material. How many of you  (like myself) have received valuable materials from some library that another person has researched and placed there, perhaps recently, perhaps (like mine) many years ago? You owe it back, and we can't think of a better place to share your work than through the C.C.G.S.! 
We still have members that will provide readily available information, time permitting.                                                                                                                              
This philosophy is still true today, We all benefit from the research others have done and what is the point of making others reinvent the wheel. Almost everything you have read, seen in cemeteries, discovered at the auditor's office, the court house, the family bible, is all from the work of others.
Thomas (Tom) Howard Conover
President, Clermont County Genealogical Society

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More and more obituaries are added daily to the "Area Deaths" page This can be very helpful in your research.      
 As of June 25, 2017, there are 6328 entries.

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September 9
Heritage Day
Board and Membership Meeting on Saturday, September 2nd. Clermont County Genealogical Society Heritage Day Luncheon Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Society   With Induction of New Members of First Families, Settlers and Builders and the new Century Families Lineage Programs   Migration Patterns into Ohio Presented by, Diane VanSkiver Gagel, ...