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Proposed CCGS Bylaws and Standing Rules

The CCGS Bylaws Committee and Board have been working on changes to our Bylaws since the beginning of the year. No changes have been made to the Bylaws since November 7, 2009. Modeling the Ohio Genealogical Society (OGS), we have moved some items from the Bylaws to proposed Standing Rules. The Bylaws reflect the core operations of the Society, while the Standing Rules reflect the day-to-day operations and may be subject to more frequent changes.
Please take the time to review the Bylaws 11-7-2009, Proposed Bylaws, and Proposed Standing Rules.  We will review significant changes, have discussion, and vote at the October 1 General Meeting, provided we have a quorum of 15 members present.
Below is a list of the significant changes:
Attempted to make all pronoun references gender neutral throughout.
ARTICLE I.  Changed Name of Society to agree with papers on file with Ohio Secretary of State.  “Ohio” deleted and “Inc.” added.
ARTICLE II.  Moved Dissolution paragraph to its own Article – ARTICLE XIII.
ARTICLE IV. Added Non-discrimination paragraph to Membership; Moved Specifics of membership fees to Standing Rules.
ARTICLE V.   (Board of Directors)
1.  Added Webmaster and Archivist as Officers due to their significant responsibilities to the Society.
5.  Required all complaints to the Board to be read aloud to the General Membership vs. at the discretion of the Board.
ARTICLE VI.  Moved Election Procedures to Standing Rules.
New ARTICLE VI. (Officers) Added Webmaster and Archivist.
New ARTICLE VII.  (Responsibilities of Officers)
2.  Vice President – Changed serve on Program Committee to chair.
4.  Treasurer – Added/Changed duties to reflect regular operations.
5.  Librarian - Added responsibility to annually request a list of holdings from the library and periodically inventory other Society assets at the library, at the discretion of the Board. (Insurance purposes)
6.  Webmaster – Added responsibilities
7.  Archivist – Added responsibilities
ARTICLE VIII.  (Trustees) – Changed from a total of 6 elected Trustees to a minimum of 6 Trustees, in case Society wants to add more Trustees.
ARTICLE IX. and X. (Committees) Added brief description of Standing Committees and Special Committees.  Moved details of Committees to Standing Rules.
New ARTICLE X. (Meetings) Changed from a specific day (first Saturday of each month) to the more general monthly meetings.
New ARTICLE XII. (Insurance) Eliminated phrase regarding indemnifying Officers and Trustees against lawsuits.  This insurance was dropped in 2011 because the cost was too prohibitive.
New ARTICLE XIII.  (Dissolution) The Society’s holdings at the Clermont County Records Center will become the property of the Records Center and not the Library.  
New ARTICLE XIV.  (Amendments, and Access to These Bylaws)
1.  Revision approved by General Membership on 8/6/2022 to allow only one reading of proposed amendments vs. 3 readings and approval by two-thirds vote vs. majority vote.
2.  Added Paragraph to detail procedure if Board does not agree with a proposed amendment.
Edits from the OGS Bylaws Committee were incorporated on September 26, and will be reviewed on October 1.
Debra Geesner
CCGS President
September 3, 2022

Volunteers Needed!

As we begin 2022, CCGS would like to thank all of the volunteers who have helped our society over the past year, especially on our cemetery and obituary projects.
We are now asking for additional volunteers to assist with an exciting new project CCGS will be doing over the next few months. Some CCGS Trustees met with members of the staff from the Records Management Division, the Clermont County Probate Court Judge, and a representative from FamilySearch. CCGS has decided to help prepare case files stored in our archives at the Records Center so FamilySearch can digitize and publish them online. There are over 40 boxes of case files. We are not sure what is contained in each box, but a sampling has shown guardianships, administration of estates, and other probate records from the 1800’s. Information contained in each case file is different, but parents and children listed in some of the documents are of particular genealogical importance.
Volunteers are needed to go to the Clermont County Records Center at 2425 Clermont Center Drive, Batavia, OH 45103, during regular business hours Monday through Friday, weather permitting. Volunteers will prepare the Probate Case Files at the Records Center for digitization by FamilySearch. Volunteers will wear gloves, open the individual packets, flatten the documents, place them into acid free file folders, and record general information about the content of the folder. Please help us spread the word to potential volunteers or consider assisting us yourself. Contact Debra Geesner, president, Clermont County Genealogical Society, at or by calling and leaving a voicemail at 513-723-3423.

The CCGS Library

Thanks to Amy & Chris and the staff of the CCPL
Doris Wood Branch for their interest, support and help.
And, for helping members and non-members with their
research. And for the new signage and our Indian Trails
map on the wall.
And to our CCGS Librarian, Marcia Jelus, our past
Librarian Kathy Payne and other volunteers for making
a so, so much more organized space. For cataloging,
repairing, getting donations in the system and on the
shelves and more....
What a great job !!!
View as you enter the CCGS Genealogy section of the CCPL's Doris Wood Branch Library.
Walking In
View of microfilm racks, microfilm reader, computer and printer
Microfilm, Microfilm reader, computer, etc.

View of tables, Obits files and part of book shelves
Books, books amd more books

You can download and print the Store Order Form and mail it with your check. Or go to the Store, select your items, then print a list of your items and mail with a check. Or go to the Store to order online, using a PayPal account or a credit card to complete your order.

Have you looked at the "CEMETERIES" page lately??
There are now 10,386 burial records in 26 different Clermont cemeteries. Search by surname to see if any of your ancestors have been added. We still have tens of thousands of burials to add to the rest of our cemeteries to finish . If you can work with Excel, are detail-oriented, want to volunteer by working from home, and wish to help with the project, please contact Paige Craig at

More and more obituaries are added daily to the "Area Deaths" page. This can be very helpful in your research.      
 As of 7 Jan 2022, there are 20,292 entries.
Thanks to Kathy Payne, Stacie Ishmael, Lee Ann Pritchard, Steve West and Pat Dudek. Their progress is amazing! Kathy estimates that there are over 25,000 obituaries in total. GREAT JOB!!!!

Kroger Community Rewards
It is time to sign up for the new year of Kroger Community Rewards!  Please show your support for CCGS by signing up today.
It costs you nothing to sign up and it does not take away any of your fuel points.
Kroger will be ending the requirerment that you re-register every year. Register or re-register this year and you will not need to register again
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There is no expense to you!!

October 1
CCGS Board Meeting
Open to all. Come to the library to meet in person or request an emailed Zoom Invitation to meet via your telephone or device. If you would like an invitation, please contact us by the day before the meeting at or by calling (513) 723-3423.
October 1
OGS Website Presentation
Presenter: Linda Swanson, OGS, Library Collections Manager The Ohio Genealogical Society (OGS) is the largest state genealogy society in the U.S.  It’s the premier gateway for discovering Ohio family history roots.  Their Library, the Samuel D. Isaly Library, is Ohio’s top repository for Ohio genealogical information.  The new OGS ...
November 5
Navigating the Records from the War of 1812
Presenter: Brian Rhinehart From bounty land to pensions, there are no shortage of genealogical records for soldiers from The War of 1812. Learn why these records were created, how to make sense of them, and what those records can contain for your ancestors. Brian Rhinehart is a professional genealogical researcher ...