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Heritage Day 2021

Members and guests enjoyed a lovely luncheon and afternoon of fellowship at the Terrace Park Country Club on Saturday, September 11.
They were informed about some of the interesting historic crimes of Clermont County by our local speaker and writer, Gary Knepp.
In addition, they welcomed and congratulated Inductees into our Lineage Societies.
See the list below of our ancestors who were honored by their descendants. If you share one of those ancestors and would like more information
about them or our Lineage Society program, please contact us at For a complete list of proven First Family Pioneers who
lived in Clermont County before 1821, click here.
From left to right: Paige Craig, Brenda Boyd, Mary Hawthorne, Joan McCready, Katie Anne Williams Cates, Pamela Smith (Not Pictured Sara Clark)
#443 Zachariah Robinson  1813 Virginia
#444 Elizabeth Redding 1813 Virginia
#401 Robert D. Lane  1806 North Carolina
#403 Martha Witham 1806 Massachusetts
#581 Aramina Dial  1806 North Carolina
#159 Maurice P. Witham 1803 Massachusetts
#855 Mary Lane 1818 born in Clermont County
#856 Hannah Bragdon 1818 Massachusetts
#37 John W. Craig 1856 born in Clermont County
#38 Albert Craig  1848 Pennsylvania
#39 Mahala C. Caseldine 1850 Ohio
#40 William Craig 1848 Pennsylvania
#41 Hetty Mott 1850 Ohio
#6 Celesta C. Leeds 1863 born in Clermont County
#7 Helen Marie Snider 1920 born in Clermont County
#8 Louis Sherman Snider 1869 born in Clermont County
#9 Ethel Petty 1909 Kentucky
#10 Lenora Arabelle Gillman 1921 born in Clermont County
#11 Cleve Stevenson Gillman 1893 born in Clermont County
#12 William Wilshire Gillman 1893 Ohio
#13 Roanna C. Hayes 1893 Ohio
#1 George W. Hawthorne 27th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry, Co. K 13 Aug 1861 - 16 Jul 1865
#2 Peter Doughman 146th Ohio National Guard Infantry, Co.F 2 May 1864 - 7 Sep 1864
#3 William Gray 103rd Illinois Infantry 2 Oct 1862 - 21 Jun 1865
#4 Jacob G. Brunk 89th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Co. F 22 Aug 1862 - 7 Jun 1865
#5 Charles Grether 10th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Co. F 3 Jun 1861 - 17 Jun 1864
#6 William C. P. Moore 59th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Co. F 10 Sep 1861 - 1 Nov 1864
#7 Benton Harte Medary 4th Independent Co, Ohio Volunteer Cavalry 4 Aug 1862 - 28 May 1865


The CCGS Library

Thanks to Amy & Chris and the staff of the CCPL
Doris Wood Branch for their interest, support and help.
And, for helping members and non-members with thier
research. And for the new signage and our Indian Trails
map on the wall.
And to our CCGS Librarian, Marcia Jelus, our past
Librarian Kathy Payne and other volunteers for making
a so, so much more organized space. For cataloging,
repairing, getting donations in the system and on the
shelves and more....
What a great job !!!
View as you enter the CCGS Genealogy section of the CCPL's Doris Wood Branch Library.
Walking In
View of microfilm racks, microfilm reader, computer and printer
Microfilm, Microfilm reader, computer, etc.

View of tables, Obits files and part of book shelves
Books, books amd more books

You can download and print the Store Order Form and mail it with your check. Or go to the Store, select your items, then print a list of your items and mail with a check. Or go to the Store to order online, using a PayPal account or a credit card to complete your order.

Have you looked at the "CEMETERIES" page lately??
There are now 10,386 burial records in 26 different Clermont cemeteries. Search by surname to see if any of your ancestors have been added. We still have tens of thousands of burials to add to the rest of our cemeteries to finish . If you can work with Excel, are detail-oriented, want to volunteer by working from home, and wish to help with the project, please contact Paige Craig at

More and more obituaries are added daily to the "Area Deaths" page. This can be very helpful in your research.      
 As of 15-Oct-2021 there are 19,665 entries.
Thanks to Kathy Payne, Stacie Ishmael, Lee Ann Pritchard, Steve West and Pat Dudek. Their progress is amazing! Kathy estimates that there are over 25,000 obituaries in total. GREAT JOB!!!!

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November 6
Parker Academy
Presenter: Greg Roberts Greg is a local Clermont County Historian and owner of the property whereupon the academy was built.  Daniel and Priscilla Parker established the Clermont Academy in 1839.  As the first secondary school in Ohio to be integrated and co-educational, the school established a lasting legacy to ...
December 4
Tracing My Patriot Ancestor
Presenter: Wanda Langdon Wanda Langdon is the Regent of the local Clough Valley Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She has completed the Genealogical Education Programs offered by the National Society DAR. Wanda is a member of many Lineage based organizations such as the Mayflower Society, Colonial ...
January 8
Proven Oral History
Note: Special date since the first Saturday of January falls on New Year's Day. Presenter: Dr. Deborah Abbott, PhD Deborah Abbott, Professional Genealogist and a past OGS Trustee, will explain how to prove and add to information provided to genealogists from Oral Histories.  She will use her research on her ...
February 5
My Personal Connection to New Richmond’s Underground Railroad
Presenter: Mary Allen Mary is a member and officer of CCGS.  She  will discuss how New Richmond, Ohio (Clermont County) abolitionist and underground railroad’s environment and activities affected her great-grandparents and her own life. CCGS members will be emailed an invitation and instructions one week prior to the event. ...
March 5
What Else is in the Newspaper?
Presenter: Jen Alford Jen is a member of the Indiana Genealogy Association.  For any genealogists, research in the newspaper archives is about finding elusive obituaries.  However, there are many more gems to be found in the news than that.  She will talk about strategies to find more about our ancestors’ ...