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Did one of your ancestors live in Clermont County 220 years ago? 
On July 13, 1787, the Northwest Ordinance (Ordinance for the Government of the Territory of the United States North-West of the River Ohio) was adopted by the Confederation Congress. It was the document used to set up government for the Northwest Territory, to devise a process for future statehood for land in the territory, and to list the rights of individuals. The 3 phases to reach statehood were to set up government as described in the ordinance, be inhabited by 5,000 free males who have reached age 21, and to have a population of 60,000. You can read a transcript of the Northwest Ordinance on the NARA website here (
The 1800 Federal Census was authorized on February 28, 1800, and was to be completed in nine months. It showed that 45,365 people lived in the area which would become Ohio. It was projected that the area would quickly reach 60,000 inhabitants. Clermont County was founded on December 6, 1800; it was the 11th county in the Northwest Territory.
The Enabling Act of 1802 was signed by President Thomas Jefferson on April 30, 1802. It allowed for a state to be formed from the lands in the eastern division of the Northwest Territory. The inhabitants could name their state, write their constitution and set up their government, so they could be admitted as a state. To determine representation to the state assembly, a census of free males over the age of 21 would be conducted. You can read a transcript of the Enabling Act on the Ohio History Central website here (
The list of names of heads of households and the number of free males over the age of 21 who lived in Clermont County in May, 1802, still exists! There were five townships at the time: O’Bannon (soon called Miami), Ohio, Williamsburg, Washington, and Pleasant. A transcript of the census can be found on our Resources page here (
The transcript was taken from documents at the Library of the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, Ohio. These documents are only one example of the items which may be helpful to Clermont County researchers that can be found there. Others include:  census records from 1819, tax records (1801-1802), treasurer's receipts (1801-1805), papers relating to the Court of Common Pleas, sheriff, and justice of the peace, lists of merchants and their capital (1831), and poll books (1863) containing votes of qualified voters of Clermont County who were in the military service of the United States. Visit their website at or contact the Western Reserve Historical Society Library to find out about in person research or about their Research Services here ( In addition, there is also a microfilm copy of the above documents at the Doris Wood Branch Library.
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Volunteers Needed!

As we begin 2022, CCGS would like to thank all of the volunteers who have helped our society over the past year, especially on our cemetery and obituary projects.
We are now asking for additional volunteers to assist with an exciting new project CCGS will be doing over the next few months. Some CCGS Trustees met with members of the staff from the Records Management Division, the Clermont County Probate Court Judge, and a representative from FamilySearch. CCGS has decided to help prepare case files stored in our archives at the Records Center so FamilySearch can digitize and publish them online. There are over 40 boxes of case files. We are not sure what is contained in each box, but a sampling has shown guardianships, administration of estates, and other probate records from the 1800’s. Information contained in each case file is different, but parents and children listed in some of the documents are of particular genealogical importance.
Volunteers are needed to go to the Clermont County Records Center at 2425 Clermont Center Drive, Batavia, OH 45103, during regular business hours Monday through Friday, weather permitting. Volunteers will prepare the Probate Case Files at the Records Center for digitization by FamilySearch. Volunteers will wear gloves, open the individual packets, flatten the documents, place them into acid free file folders, and record general information about the content of the folder. Please help us spread the word to potential volunteers or consider assisting us yourself. Contact Debra Geesner, president, Clermont County Genealogical Society, at or by calling and leaving a voicemail at 513-723-3423.

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Have you looked at the "CEMETERIES" page lately??
There are now 10,386 burial records in 26 different Clermont cemeteries. Search by surname to see if any of your ancestors have been added. We still have tens of thousands of burials to add to the rest of our cemeteries to finish . If you can work with Excel, are detail-oriented, want to volunteer by working from home, and wish to help with the project, please contact Paige Craig at

More and more obituaries are added daily to the "Area Deaths" page. This can be very helpful in your research.      
 As of 7 Jan 2022, there are 20,292 entries.
Thanks to Kathy Payne, Stacie Ishmael, Lee Ann Pritchard, Steve West and Pat Dudek. Their progress is amazing! Kathy estimates that there are over 25,000 obituaries in total. GREAT JOB!!!!

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August 6
The Virginia Military District: securing military warrants, surveys and land registrations
Presenter: Gary Nichols Gary is an avid history buff, particularly Thomas Jefferson, Virginia Military District of Ohio.  He is on the Board at Harmony Hill, Williamsburg.  Harmony Hill recently built and opened their William Lytle land office.  They are furnishing it with originals and reproductions of items that would ...
September 10
Clermont County Genealogical Society Heritage Day Luncheon
Program: "Julia Boggs Dent Grant" Wife of 18th president Ulysses S. Grant Presenter: Joyce Lovins Browning Enjoy this luncheon and celebrate the Induction of New Members of First Families, Settlers and Builders, Century Families, and the new Civil War Lineage Societies. Cost: $30 per person Check-In: 11:00-11:30 AM, Luncheon and Program: ...