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Neville Vesper Cemetery
(Washington Twp.)
Neville Penn Schoolhouse Road
Felicity, OH 45120 USA
Directions:  Take St. Rt. 52 west until you enter the Village of Neville.  Turn left on Neville-Penn Schoolhouse Road.  This is a narrow 1.5 lane road.  You will come up a hill – the cemetery is on the left.  Pull in the first drive.  Good Parking
Pictures taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member, August 2008.  This was a very peaceful cemetery and I enjoyed spending summer time there.  The older stones were in excellent shape and I was surprised I was able to find almost all of them.  I hope I have matched the footstones to the correct families – it was a little confusing sometimes.  I enjoyed the view of the farmland and meadows from the cemetery.  Great cemetery.
Neville Vesper Cemetery Photo