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Robb Cemetery
(Monroe Twp.)
Off Jett Hill Road
New Richmond, OH 45157 USA
Pictures and inscriptions compiled by Pamela Smith, CCGS trustee in the fall of 2010.  I have been searching for this cemetery for a very long time and it was an accident that I knew a person who knew another person who helped me make the contact.  I knocked on a lot of doors in the area last summer. It was a very long process.  Presently the property is owned by Greg Holman who was so kind to meet with me and take me back a very long field. He then took me back to my car so I could drive back myself and spend the whole day alone.  My first impression was how they were able to stack all these stones for the “stone fence”.  The stones were very large and very heavy.  Who did this?  I was so excited to see Alexander Robb’s stone along with his wife’s.  Alexander died in 1810.  Another very early death in Clermont County  --  200 years old.
Found all the stones previously recorded.
Robb Cemetery Photo