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Osborn Cemetery
(Jackson Twp.)
Corner of St. Rt. 133 and Quitter Road
Williamsburg, OH 45176 USA
Take St. Rt. 50 out of Milford towards Owensville.  Pass through the town of Owensville.  Pass the CNE School.  Come upon St. Rt. 133.  Turn left.  When your pass Pennington Road on the right start looking for Quitter Road on the left.  Turn on Quitter Road.  The first pull off into a field (about 70 ft. from St. Rt 133)–   (on your right)  I did not drive back but you can drive back into the field. This is being maintained by Jackson Township (thank you).
Pictures were taken by Pamela Smith in summer of 2009.  I was so happy to get this one processed as I pass it a lot during my adventures.  It is being well taken care of by Jackson Township and all the stones were there and in good shape.
Osborn Cemetery Photo